Portrait Photography


Portrait Photography

We offer several portrait styles, whether its captured in the studio, on location environmental, or stylized fine art.  We look for individuality for every client. Most often portraits are being captured to celebrate a family coming together, a milestone event for a couple or individual or even an update on a family portrait every few years. Let us share some samples with you below. 


Studio Portraits

We strive for a Modern Classic appeal in our studio work. A family gathering or a milestone moment captured in time.  Studio sessions are simple to schedule year round and offer a unique stylish quality. 

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Environmental portraits offer the opportunity to capture moments in a location of your choosing, outdoors, at your house (indoor or out) or some of our recommended favorites.  Unique styles in Central Florida allow for endless opportunities and backdrops.

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Fine ARt

Fine art portraits that’s a step apart from all else.  Working with our stylist and make-up artist, this collaborative effort is truly a work of art.


Business Headshots

Professional business portraits present a professional appearance for your company or your own business. We make the process very simple and painless to update your business profile image.

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Senior Year of High School,  a time in life before they take the next step. We can capture the milestone moment that will be cheerished for generations.  

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Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography


Commercial Photography for business and industry advertising

Commercial Photography for Business and Industry requires high quality consistent dependable services and images that reflect you at your best.  Potthast Studios is Certified (CPP) through the Professional Photographers Association of America as a trusted professional photographer guaranteeing quality results that will be represent the finest organizations.  We work not only with hundreds of companies locally, but our portfolio of work is captured from around the country and even internationally.  View all of our commercial photography services at our commercial site.


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Video Production and motion photography

Our approach is to capture stunning imagery of your product/service. The goal is to elevate your brand or help teach a new skill specific to your audience. We specialize in production services for Corporate, Social Media / Web, Animation, National / Local Broadcast, Industrial, Tourism.

We have a state-of-the-art studio in Central Florida but we also traverse across many states and even a few countries for our clients.
We hold Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations certification for UAS (Drone) Photography.

Special Photography Services

Special Photography Services

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Routinly clients will bring us their own photographs, whether it be a family heirloom that has faded through the years, or maybe it was an image that was damaged and needs repair.  We also offer professional lab services, we can custom print or digital images professionally and make them the best they can be.


Copy / photo restorations

We can professionally copy and repair old photographs from years past. Maybe you have an image that was damaged and you need to bring it back to its better than original condition.  We handle your important images with utmost care.


Digital Lab Services

Do you have that great image from vacation, or a great shot from the last family get together?  Maybe you just need a little help fixing up an image to make it the best it can be.  We provide digital printing services or your images just as if they were ours.


35mm Slide and Old movie Film transfers

35mm Slides or a box of old movie film.  We transfer your memories of years past to the latest digital formats to keep them safe for years to come.