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Since 1964

53 years in the photography business.  Our style remains fresh, uncontrived, and timeless. We strive to create images that are classical, casual, and often just fun.  Most importantly we are artists and the camera is our paint brush. Thousands of families have trusted us to create portraits that will last through the ages that you will cherish as heirlooms. Enjoy our website, and let us know how we can help your family. 





What is the occasion ?

Portraits have been the heart of our studio business since we started in the early 60's.  Variety is the spice of life.....  Our portrait styles are custom-tailored for you.  We look for individuality in each portrait we create.  We also love when a client comes to us with their own ideas. It gives us a chance to create that unique look just for you.  Not sure what you're looking for in a style?  We favor a few styles we specialize in and know we can find one to fit you...


Families and Children

Being together as a family is becoming harder to do these days.  Trust Potthast Studios to capture the once in a while occasions that don't happen very often.  With decades of experience we know how to make sure those important memories live on for decades more.


Couples and Individuals

Special people and special times. Allow us to capture life's moments to be enjoyed for a lifetime and shared down for generations to come.  Visit our gallery of fantastic couples and individuals by clicking below.


Graduates (High School Seniors)

A truly once in a lifetime event.  Make it count and capture this milestone year.  We work with our High School Senior Graduates to make a fun and very customized photo shoot that captures the personality before heading out into the big world.  

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography


Commercial Photography for business and industry advertising

Commercial Photography for Business and Industry requires high quality consistent dependable services and images that reflect you at your best.  Potthast Studios is Certified (CPP) through the Professional Photographers Association of America as a trusted professional photographer guaranteeing quality results that will be represent the finest organizations.  We work not only with hundreds of companies locally, but our portfolio of work is captured from around the country and even internationally.  View all of our commercial photography services at our commercial site.


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Video Production and motion photography

Our approach is to capture stunning imagery of your product/service. The goal is to elevate your brand or help teach a new skill specific to your audience. We specialize in production services for Corporate, Social Media / Web, Animation, National / Local Broadcast, Industrial, Tourism.

We have a state-of-the-art studio in Central Florida but we also traverse across many states and even a few countries for our clients.
We hold Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations certification for UAS (Drone) Photography.


Other Session Types

Other Session Types


other photography services we offer...

explore a few more photography services and sessions we offer.


Business Portraits - "PR" Style Portraits

Professional business portraits present a professional apperance for your company or your own business. We make the process very simple and painless to update your business profile image.

Wedding Photography and Bridal Portraits

Don't trust a once in a while photographer to a once in a life-time event.  There is no replacement for experience especially when it comes to the "Big Day".  Trust our team to handle this important time creativily and with professionalism.


pet photography

They are one of the family.  We treat them as such. Distinctive pet portraits you will love.


Events / Special Occasions

Anniversary, Corporate Events, Special Celebrations and Family Reunions.  


Fine art Originals

Something unique and creative. Sometimes there is no real reason other than to just create art. 


Special Photography Services

Special Photography Services

working with your images...

Routinly clients will bring us their own photographs, whether it be a family heirloom that has faded through the years, or maybe it was an image that was damaged and needs repair.  We also offer professional lab services, we can custom print or digital images professionally and make them the best they can be.


Copy / photo restorations

We can professionally copy and repair old photographs from years past. Maybe you have an image that was damaged and you need to bring it back to its better than original condition.  We handle your important images with utmost care.


Digital Lab Services

Do you have that great image from vacation, or a great shot from the last family get together?  Maybe you just need a little help fixing up an image to make it the best it can be.  We provide digital printing services or your images just as if they were ours.


35mm Slide and Old movie Film transfers

35mm Slides or a box of old movie film.  We transfer your memories of years past to the latest digital formats to keep them safe for years to come.