Team Work....   is what it's all about.  Putting together a great photo shoot is about much more than just lights, camera, action.  We understand it takes coordination, communication, talented design, and styling before the shoot, and talent behind the camera, to make it all come together. After the shoot we aim for consistent and dependable delivery of client work. We understand the importance  of delivering our products and services on a deadline when requested.



Michael Potthast, M.Photog., CPP, FDPE

Joel Faubert Video Producer

Rick Maldonado Video Producer

Beverly Gustafson Studio Assistant

Amy Potthast Studio Manager 



Lynda Whitney Stylist, Costuming and Design

Perry Oakley Makeup Artist

Elvin Velez Stylist and Makeup Artist

Our Studio facilities are among the most capable.


Features and Capabilities:
 • 5,000 sq foot studio facility
 • Flash Strobe, Constant and Natural Light Studio Capabilities
 • Concrete cycloramic for seamless white / blue / green screen projects
 • Tethered Shooting Capabilities for Live Previews during sessions.
• Client Retouching area for hands on retouching requests
 • In-house photography lab providing clients the highest quality or rush requests
 • Frame shop with custom made and ready-made frames


Michael Potthast, M.Photog, CPP, FDPE


Dabbling in the darkroom starting at age 5, Mike grew up in the business of a professional photography studio.  Working with his father, he assisted with the responsibilities of a family-owned studio. 

Growing up learning camera, lighting, and darkroom techniques, Mike chose to study commercial photography at Daytona State - Southeast Center for Photographic Studies. He is also a graduate of Warner University with a B.A. in Business Management. 

His first professional job after college was a freelance photographer for the Orlando Magic. Furthering his interest in the visual arts, Mike learned the art of motion film and broadcast editing when he worked for several years as a producer for the media group Time Warner.

In 2001, he decided to pursue his dream of operating his own studio.  Located in Central Florida, Potthast Studios attracts local and national clientele.  The studio has approximately 10,000 sq. feet and has the capacity to handle several shoots at the same time.  Mike routinely travels shooting jobs for clients and agencies throughout the country.


Our Guarantee

In business for 50 years, we have the experience of providing high-quality images for generations to come. We guarantee you’ll love your images. If for any reason you’re not happy with them, we’ll do another session without charge. It’s important to us that the images we create for you meet or exceed your expectations.

Don't just take our word for it, what else qualifies us to be your photographer?
Here's a list of Awards and Features we have earned...

What does being a Certified Professional Photographer mean to you as our client ?


Of course our portfolio is our best measure of what we do. However, in addition to creating quality images, our studio is also committed to maintaining high professional standards. In order to make sure we’re doing that, we participate in the Certified Professional Photographer program.

While there are several technical requirements for being Certified, the best way to think about it is like board certification for a professional doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc.

While you can assume that both of them have a certain level of knowledge, the certified professional has been tested...and the certifying agency takes steps to ensure that the professional continues to add to his or her expertise through education.

It’s the same way with photographers. As a Certified Photographer, you can be assured that I possess enough technical knowledge of my art to consistently create good images for you... and I continue to take courses to maintain my technical and creative edge.


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