Donation Requests
(rev 02/2014)

We are honored that you are requesting our products and services to be available for your event. Potthast Studios helps with many community events every year.  In order to accommodate many good causes and fundraisers we ask for all formal requests to be submitted online so we can review and efficiently track the projects we help with. We carefully consider events we donate to, however please understand we are small business owners and can't help with all of them.

In order to retain the value of our services and products we produce, we do have a few policies we ask you to follow:

(1) Donation requests will not be considered if made less then 30 days prior to the event.
(2) Donations are to be used as live or silent auction items. Donations are not to be used as "door prizes" or "give away" items.  We will void any donation that is given as a door prize or give away item.
(3) A studio approved advertisement must be displayed at the event. (We do lend displays for this purpose). Displays must be returned to the studio within a week after the event. If display is not returned, we will charge the event or organization $250 to cover a replacement and voids the donation we provided.
(4) The studio must be notified of the winner and winning amount within 30 days of the event.  We reserve the right to void any donation if we are not notified with the winning bidders information.
(5) Donations are void after 1 year of the event.  Donation items cannot be used October - December of any year (these are our peak times).
(6) Donations items are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for other services or cash.

If you agree with our above policies, please submit your request below.

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